Dear Customer,
           We would like to apologize for the delay in handling ticket response and developemnt and delopyment of any of the online solution for the next 12 days from now. There is a network upgrade going worldwide in all owned and partnered Datacenters with compliance of GDPR. Cloud, Dedicated, Webhosting, Websites,Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing: All solutions are getting GDPR ready. In such operations, we need to make control panel enabled for GDPR. next hosting, cloud, dedicated server and others are using some of third party software like cPanel, Plesk (Onyx), WHMCS, Solus VM, Open Source technologies, On App, VMware and many others.

All softwares are getting updated with the compliance of GDPR with  security related to your privacy where we are providing you an option to manage your data via a self care Portal.

Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. We really appreciate your patince and support in this concern. This is just the beginning where GDPR gets customer experience in all the online services. No doubt, it takes time to get smooth. Plus it may face some issues that needs immediate resolution.

All customers, partners, resellers are requested to get in touch with support team to manually request the GDPR ready compliance on their cloud, VPS, dedicated Servers and other online solutions.

For more information, Please get in touch with

Kak Infotech Team

Saturday, May 19, 2018

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